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NORDGATE benefits from an extremely favourable location and acts as a hub for the global trade and transport of high-quality goods.

Thanks to its ideal location and connections, NORDGATE is the central crossroads for the distribution of goods in northern Germany and is now the logistical gate to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. With direct access to Hamburg Airport and the second-largest harbour in Europe, NORDGATE also plays an important role in the global trade and transport of high-quality goods.

The standing of NORDGATE as a location among international competitors, as a gate to Scandinavia and the Baltic region, will be further reinforced by expansion of the A20 motorway and the Fehmarn Belt crossing.

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a place to live: growing resident numbers

Roughly 250,000 people live in the NORDGATE communities. The resident numbers are comparable with the largest cities in Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel and Lübeck. But NORDGATE comes first when it comes to population growth: Since 2015, the figures have grown by 4.1 percent.

Population at the end of the year

good to know: a strong economic region

With more than 109,000 employees, the five towns and one large municipality along the A7 make up one of the largest employment areas in Schleswig-Holstein. Since 2015, the number of employees has increased by 15.9 percent. The two largest economic sectors are trade (24.9 percent of employees) and processing industries (19.2 percent of employees). Nearly one in every four jobs is in knowledge-intensive industries.

Employees subject to social security at place of work (reference date 30 June)

Manufacturing: share (%) of total employment

a coveted workplace: lots of commuters from outside

Lots of commuters move to and from the NORDGATE locations, particularly between here and Hamburg. The towns and municipality vary in terms of their popularity as places to live or work. Considered overall, far more people commute into the region than out of it: The commuter surplus in 2021 was 8,120 people.

Commuter balance (reference date 30 June 2021)

enthusiastic shoppers: above-average purchasing power

In the NORDGATE communities, the retail purchasing power was around 1.71 billion euros in 2021, which corresponds to 6,913 euros per capita. Accordingly, the purchasing power was 2.3 percent above the national average. Private wallets are particularly well stocked in Quickborn, Henstedt-Ulzburg and Norderstedt.

Purchasing Power Index (Germany = 100)

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