New businesses settling in small business region of Kaltenkirchen


In late August, Kaltenkirchen Mayor Hanno Krause invited several companies that acquired commercial real estate in the small business region "West of Grashofstraße" (development plan 80) over the past 16 months to a gathering so they could meet in person and engage in dialogue.

"The settlement and maintenance of companies is the fundamental prerequisite for a city’s sustainable development, since they play a significant role in the development of infrastructure and create the necessary jobs. With the establishment of companies from a wide range of sectors, our city also managed to bring together a colourful mix of industries in the small business region "West of Grashofstraße" (development plan 80). This strategy proved successful particularly in the difficult pandemic times, as it creates stables structures from a holistic perspective," remarks Mayor Hanno Krause.

Of the roughly 5.2 ha of commercial real estate, around 4 ha have been sold. The remaining roughly 1.2 ha is mostly reserved. Thanks to the cooperation with NORDGATE, new opportunities were created for businesses to establish themselves that otherwise would not have been available. The region also benefits from this, in particular workers because they can keep their jobs despite a company’s relocation.

among others, the following companies have acquired new real estate in the commercial area:

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