A well-connected growth region: NORDGATE presented itself at the EXPO REAL 2022


In early October, the marketing alliance NORDGATE visited the EXPO REAL in Munich as an exhibitor. It is Europe’s largest B2B professional trade fair for real estate and investment. With 1,887 exhibitors and nearly 40,000 participants, the trade fair almost matched the pre-COVID figures from 2019. This year, participation grew by nearly 60 percent, and visitors attended from 73 different countries.

The NORDGATE team welcomed guests together with 23 other exhibitors at the joint stand for the State of Schleswig-Holstein, organised by the company WTSH (Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH). With the slogan "Energy is future. Make it brilliant – with us," the true north presented itself as a green industrial area with major potential. "Here Schleswig-Holstein is able to present its strengths for the energy industry in an optimal manner. Green hydrogen is the next market of the future, which innovative companies are already addressing in the true north. Schleswig-Holstein is able to deliver both the necessary renewable energy as well as locations for new companies," says Dr Hinrich Habeck (Managing Director of WTSH). NORDGATE was the focus of a panel discussion on the first day of the trade fair as a unique growth region. Dr Hinrich Habeck and Elke Christina Roeder (Mayor of the City of Norderstedt) met with Keno Kramer (EGNO, Norderstedt) to discuss how the NORDGATE municipalities can further expand on their combined strengths. NORDGATE is doing things the right way, remarks Habeck, and would like Schleswig-Holstein to be perceived as a large community. Norderstedt Mayor Elke Christina Roeder agrees: "We can only approach the current challenges by working together. The NORDGATE alliance has been collaborating successfully on a trusting basis for 14 years now. We represent the second-largest economic region in Schleswig-Holstein and engage in good discussions with industry representatives." After the panel, the audience enjoyed a traditional local snack, enjoying the popular NORDGATE currywurst sausage from "Hurry to Curry."

The reception for northern Germany, hosted by Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg on the second day of the trade fair, was also well-attended. Julia Carstens (State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism for the State of Schleswig-Holstein), Dr Rolf Strittmacher (Managing Director of the Hamburg Business Development Corporation) and Dr Hinrich Habeck (Managing Director of the WTSH) discussed the pioneering joint hydrogen strategy HY-5 pursued by the five northern German states, which aims to make northern Germany the top region for hydrogen in Europe. The reception was accompanied by a typical northern German specialty: Fish sandwiches.

The next NORDGATE trade fair visit will take place at the "real estate arena" in Hannover in May 2023.

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