A new view of NORDGATE: Interactive 360-degree tour shows commercial real estate from an optimal perspective


Neumünster, 3 November 2022 – Discovering the commercial real estate in the NORDGATE region from a bird’s eye view is now possible with the new online tool NORDGATE 360°. In virtual tours, visitors "fly" over the commercial areas of the six communities. In the process, they receive lots of additional information about available real estate in the municipality, for example about traffic connections and neighbouring companies.

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Since 2008, the NORDGATE alliance has successfully marketed real estate along the A7 motorway. With NORDGATE 360°, the six municipalities are now flying high in a different way. "This 360-degree visualisation is a key step for NORDGATE and a pilot project for all of Schleswig-Holstein," explains Iris Meyer from Wirtschaftsagentur Neumünster. Previously, the real estate was presented in exposés and on-site visits. With the new interactive map, interested parties now have a realistic view. "This is a fantastic tool because it works intuitively. Company supervisors can conveniently find the right business location from their offices and efficiently prepare for the next planning stages," says Iris Meyer.

"In the past, NORDGATE continually drew attention to itself with innovative and creative marketing ideas. So it’s only logical that the second-largest economic region in Schleswig-Holstein is also setting the pace when it comes to digitalisation," enthuses Economics Minister Claus Ruhe Madsen, who pressed the starting buzzer.

The visualisation created by GIS-Tours depicts the commercial areas in detailed 360-degree images, and also provides additional information such as distance to the nearest motorway as well as success stories about locally established companies. In this way, interested parties can identify immediately which industries have already established their business at a site.

"The strong connection between NORDGATE municipalities can now also be seen digitally," highlights Hanno Krause, Mayor of the Town of Kaltenkirchen. "Our region is the second-largest economic area in Schleswig-Holstein. When you see it from a bird’s eye view, it doesn’t make a difference how small or large a single municipality is. Each of them has its strengths, and these add to the success of our strategic alliance."

NORDGATE 360° facilitates presentation, particularly at trade fairs. "Whether in Munich or Hannover, on a tablet or on a smartphone: This is a fantastic way for us to present our sites anywhere and anytime," adds Iris Meyer. "In times of digital communication, this service is essential." 14 sites with 577,800 square metres of unoccupied space available at short notice can currently be viewed using NORDGATE 360°. It also showcases the beautiful scenery of the Schleswig-Holstein interior from a lofty height.

NORDGATE 360° at a glance:

  • www.nordgate.de/360
  • The 360-degree images were mainly recorded from a height of 100 metres.
  • Users can move about freely through the region using the intuitive controls.
  • Available spaces are marked in green; spaces that are already reserved are shown in yellow.
  • The interactive map provides information about each space (dimensions, type of development, development plan etc.), the municipality, nearby companies in the commercial area, transport connections and distances to larger cities like Hamburg and Kiel

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NORDGATE is the gate to the Hamburg metropolitan region. The alliance between the six communities of Neumünster, Bad Bramstedt, Kaltenkirchen, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Quickborn and Norderstedt along the A7 motorway provides optimally located commercial real estate to companies – with ideal connections to Hamburg Airport and Harbour, first-class infrastructure and comprehensive advice.


GIS-Tours is a digital, interactive site marketing service. It is primarily used for commercial and industrial real estate, as well as for greenfield and brownfield projects. The online tool is successfully used for project development in many German states and Switzerland, e.g. in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Berlin, Rheinland-Palatinate, Hessen and Bern (Switzerland). The provider is Motion Media GmbH, based in Osnabrück. www.gis-tours.com

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