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Success story Voigt Logistik


Voigt Logistik is one of the leading transport and logistics providers in northern Germany. With new headquarters in the industrial area South, the company opened its sixth location in Neumünster in 2018 – and created lots of space for products, growth, and vision.

Anyone who travels on the motorways of Schleswig-Holstein encounters them multiple times a day: yellow lorries with "Voigt Logistik" in green and yellow letters. The Neumünster-based company is one of the leading transport and logistics providers for the north. Around 100 company lorries start their daily routes early in the morning to transport all sorts of goods across Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and Europe. The company also has a significant presence in the commercial areas of Neumünster. Around 400 employees work at six logistics centres with a total area of 400,000 m². In 2019, the entire Voigt Group generated an annual revenue of more than 100 million euros

from horse and cart to lorry

"We connect Schleswig-Holstein with the world" is the slogan of the family company founded in Pyritz/Pomerania in 1933, later moving its headquarters to Neumünster in 1945. "In the early years, my grandfather still transported the furniture using a horse and cart," says Henning Voigt, who runs the company in its third generation. In 1991, Voigt Logistik opened its 15,000 m² goods distribution centre on the Krokamp road in Neumünster, which served as the company headquarters until 2018. This was followed by numerous expansions in following years. "Our own growth got ahead of us," recalls Voigt. "Over the last decades, an increasing number of clients have handed over their delivery transport orders to external logistics companies. Today, we are not only the largest general cargo forwarder in Schleswig-Holstein, but we are also often responsible for the entire order picking, quality control, packaging and assembly process." The central location in Schleswig-Holstein plays an important role in the company’s success. "Neumünster is the logistics hub for all of northern Germany, the transport connections are a dream!"

full speed ahead with construction

In order to handle increasing volumes in a cost-effective and efficient manner, in 2018 Voigt Logistik opened a new location in the industrial area South near the bend of the Danube. "We looked for a sufficiently large property for a long time," reports the company director. "Wirtschaftsagentur Neumünster assisted us in the process. That’s how we became aware of a privately sold property that was previously used for agricultural purposes. In particular, its independent access to the B205 convinced us right away!"

With the support of the business agency and Mayor Dr Olaf Taura, the ambitious schedule was implemented at a rapid pace. "Only six months passed between the land purchase in December 2016 and the start of construction. Just a year later, we celebrated the grand opening in summer of 2018 on the newly created Herbert-Voigt-Straße. The execution went extremely quickly," praises Henning Voigt. "We received excellent advice from the business agency, which I myself helped establish. For me, the NORDGATE network is another real milestone in the joint development of the Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein region."

100 gates to the outside world

The company invested 15 million euros in the new construction. The centrepiece of the 125,000 m² premises is a 10,000 m² handling hall with more than 100 loading gates. Employees dart around the hall on forklifts and transport pallets with plants, cable drums or spice tins; all processes are controlled and recorded digitally. Around 3,000 shipments are prepared each day and reach their destinations within 24 or 48 hours. Since commissioning of the new general cargo facility, the revenue and number of employees has increased in the single-digit percent range every year.

an optimal environment for big plans

The new handling terminal also meets the strictest requirements according to other criteria: A large photovoltaics system with an energy reservoir as well as a heat pump on the roof make the building nearly climate-neutral and thanks to previously laid cable routes in the loading zones, Voigt Logistik is also perfectly equipped for electric mobility. And there’s no lack of additional plans for the future. A 10,000 m² logistics hall for hazardous substances is already under construction, plans for a direct railway connection to the Ruhr district are underway, and with "green" LNG and hydrogen lorries, Voigt Logistik will be able to rapidly forward not only goods, but also the energy revolution itself.

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