They were looking for a central location.
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Success story Condair


The Swiss Condair Group is the world market leader for air humidification and evaporative cooling. In Norderstedt, the company found the perfect runway for its international success.

When they hear the name "Condair," many people initially think of an airline. Far from it: Condair produces equipment for room air humidification. The systems manufactured by the group provide a perfect environment in large offices, production halls or museums. Clients include numerous global players as well as the Louvre and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall. So Condair is absolutely a high-flyer: The company operates with 750 employees in 67 countries and generates an annual revenue of around 150 million euros.

international hub in the north

In order to serve the markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East more effectively, Condair opened its new production and logistics headquarters in Norderstedt in June 2017.

On a 13,000 m² premises in the commercial area Nordport, the company brought together its production plants from Switzerland, England, Denmark and Hamburg. "We created an important hub here for our continued international expansion," explains CEO Oliver Zimmermann.

first choice: nordgate!

In a selection process consisting of multiple stages, the NORDGATE region won out over a number of other locations. "Apart from Germany, as our second-largest market, many eastern European countries were also on the shortlist," explains Oliver Zimmermann. After a centre of gravity analysis, northern Germany ultimately emerged as the ideal region. A major plus for Norderstedt was that Condair was able to build on the existing team from its former Hamburg location. But the logistical advantages were even more important. “Although our level of vertical integration is low, everything needs to be precisely timed, from delivery to assembly down to the installation of our systems. Here, overseas containers can reach us from China as quickly as lorry transports from eastern Europe. For our own outgoing shipments, air freight is of primary importance as every minute counts on the construction site!"

going the extra mile for success

The human factor was also a crucial aspect for the CEO: "Entwicklungsgesellschaft Norderstedt and other involved parties made us feel welcome here from the start. Everyone involved made a concerted effort: whether through prompt delivery of detailed documents, a personal call with the Minister President or arrangements with regional service providers. They always went that famous ‘extra mile’ for us, and as a result, we achieved our schedule in record time!" Swiss-born Oliver Zimmermann lived in Hamburg for four years, and in this time he came to know and love the northern German sense of humour and Hanseatic reliability. "You can take people’s words at face value and I really appreciate that!"

a showroom for sustainability

Today, the new building off the Nordportbogen road is much more than just a production facility. Just entering the brightly lit foyer, you can experience the Condair world with all your senses. With innovative technology and interactive elements, the building represents the company vision of "productivity, sustainability and health through air and water." The fact that planes fly in to Hamburg Airport directly over the building adds significantly to the fascination; from the staff restaurant on the top floor, and employees have a direct view of the runway. In Norderstedt, the company headquarters has now become a popular venue for events. "The local business development office is also a great network for us, and we would like to use its resources to recruit new employees in future," says Oliver Zimmermann.

Condair can extend the existing building in the direction of the airport over an optional expansion area of 5,000 m². "We will make use of this option as soon as we produce additional product lines for private households," explains the CEO. When the time comes, the lights on the runway will be just a few metres away – and Condair will be ready for take-off as it expands around the world.

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